Georgia Tech

"I feel safe when i'm at home with my mom and all her pets."

In fall of 2016, The Georgia Institute of Technology was the first institution to bring Jennifer Edwards and I FEEL SAFE WHEN to its campus with the intention of institutionalizing it as a Georgia Tech arts-based initiative. 

Point Park University

"I feel safe when i can be my truest oddball self."

During finals week, in the spring of 2016, Point Park University students were encouraged to pause for a moment and reflect on feeling safe.

Governor's Island

"I feel safe when the doors are locked, checked twice."

Governor’s Island welcomed IFSW as a roving, interactive, dance-theater performance in August of 2014. Tourists and city-dwellers were invited to participate in IFSW by filling out a postcard.

Slippery Rock University

IFSW was used in a workshop at Slippery Rock University in May 2017. Dance majors, in the context of a performance workshop, completed the statement ‘I FEEL SAFE WHEN ______’.