During finals week, in the spring of 2016, Point Park University students were encouraged to pause for a moment and reflect on feeling safe. Knowing that maintaining a sense of personal calm and wellbeing helps people to perform better, the invitation to experience a slide-show of I FEEL SAFE WHEN statements and the opportunity to complete one of their own, seemed a like a great idea. 


95 students from Point Park University completed the statement “I feel safe when....” Their responses were then sorted and grouped into the following categories:

infographic icons-01.png


47 Responses

Makes reference to and is dependent on others (family, friends, loved ones, partners, animals, children, ‘people’).

infographic icons-02.png


10 Responses

Contains statements that are completely self reliant – reflects complete autonomy in relationship to safety.

infographic icons-03.png


8 Responses

Refers to a specific place (without people), primarily, as a provider of / container for safety.

infographic icons-04.png


7 Responses

Situations or circumstances that create a sense of safety (or an unsafe feeling).


7 Responses

Relates to an experience - e.g. listen to music, feeling the sun, eating a meal, sleeping, being sober.


4 Responses

Conveys a narrative story that contains a tangible physical feeling.


4 Responses

Has to do with self, state of mind or state of being, evocative of emotion (state of being).


6 Responses

Refers to a sense of feeling welcomed into an environment or group; may be defined by a certain ethos or set of ideals.


2 Responses

Relates a certain reliance on religious or spiritual guidance or practice.