Georgia Tech brought Jen Edwards to campus to partner in raise awareness, lead workshops, and train student facilitators. Various locations around campus set up tables for students to fill out IFSW statement cards. Participants created an online anonymous survey that went out to all students, as well as a slideshow that played in the Arts Center, Student Center and online.

Jen presented at the Student Government Association meeting, which attracted other student groups to the project. For example, sororities took it on as part of an anti-hazing campaign. Jen also led faculty workshops around having hard conversations and creating safe spaces within oneself for more effective communication.


933 students from Georgia Tech completed the statement “I feel safe when....” Their responses were then sorted and grouped into the following categories:

infographic icons-01.png


311 Responses

Makes reference to and is dependent on others (family, friends, loved ones, partners, animals, children, ‘people’).

infographic icons-08.png


124 Responses

Being a part of a group different from a friend group the sense of safety comes from a defined community.

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157 Responses

Situations or circumstances that create a sense of safety (or an unsafe feeling).

infographic icons-03.png


91 Responses

Refers to a specific place (without people), primarily, as a provider of / container for safety.


75 Responses

Has to do with self, state of mind or state of being, evocative of emotion (state of being).

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46 Responses

Conveys a narrative story that contains a tangible physical feeling.

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37 Responses

Contains statements that are completely self reliant – reflects complete autonomy in relationship to safety.


34 Responses

Reflects a sense of safety being fulfilled by one's material needs being met.

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33 Responses

Expresses behaviors believes practices that reflect specific political leanings or ethical mandates.

infographic icons-12.png


10 Responses

Relates a certain reliance on religious or spiritual guidance or practice.


infographic icons-10.png

Academic Preparedness

10 Responses

Pertains to completing class assignments, studying for exams, or finishing school projects ahead of time.


5 Responses

Refers to disappearing, being invisible, or completely removing oneself from view.


What we created

The output, beyond the students’, faculty and and staffs’ experiences, is several info graphs, a slide-show of 700+ cards, a video created by the campus media channel, the IFSW toolkit, an internal report of process and findings, a new incoming-student orientation tool, and an external article and report.